Supplements as a Gift?



Supplements probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about giving a gift to someone, I know.  But really, why not?  Generally supplements are used to increase overall health and really what better gift is there then good health?  Giving a supplement as a gift might actually even help motivate someone to think about a healthier, more active life style.  Ultimately it’s going to depend on for whom the gift is for.  If you’re gifting to a younger athletic male, something that helps build muscle mass may be a good idea.  A product like Clear Muscle comes to mind – generally it’s more expensive, meaning most younger people may not want to fork over the cash, so it could be a nice surprise.  It’s worth reading one of the many reviews of clear muscle available online and thinking about at least.  Overall it looks to be an effective product, just expensive, which generally makes for a good gift.  If you want to be a little on the safer side and not be so specific, you could always consider something like a multivitamin or even simple fish oil.  These are things generally tolerated by all sexes and ages and shown to have positive results.  On top of that, they’re relatively inexpensive, so even if the person you’re gifting doesn’t love it, you’re not out much.  Not like they couldn’t just re-gift it anyway!

Depending on how creative you want to get, you could even tailor the supplement to a known problem they have.  As an example I once gave my sister Emergen C because she seemed to be getting sick a lot.  Not only could this help the person, but it shows you put some though into the gift as well and genuinely want to help them – can’t go wrong there in my book!

I know supplements aren’t currently a common gift but I hope you like the idea and maybe even try it someday, at least it’s something unique and creative!

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