For Your Business Friend: Nupept

nupept new labelIf you know someone that is always trying to take their game to the next level, we have the perfect gift for you.  Something that will help them mentally perform better.

Caffeine (coffee really) used to be a great choice but is dated in today’s world, though still effective of course.  Instead there’s a new class of drugs out called Nootropics.  In summary, nootropics are drugs that offer various cognitive benefits like improved focus and concentration, better memory, more motivation, creativity, etc.  Cognitive enhancers really.  While a relatively new class of drugs, many have been around for a good amount of time now, though only recently are they really gaining attention.  I imagine this is because as demands on people grow and stresses increase, people are looking for anything that can help.  Plus we’ve been programmed to think of drugs as the solution (thanks big pharma).

That being said and before I get into what specifically will help, I want to state what I hope is obvious – good diet and proper exercise will help the most.  There simply is no substitute for this and no drug can replace it.  In fact, most drugs won’t be near as effective if you’re not healthy.

Now on to the good stuff and what I’m calling the perfect gift: Nupept.  Also know as Noopept (nupept is CTD labs branded version of noopept).  While there are many drugs considered to be Nooptropics, Nupept is one of the safer more effective ones for beginners that can deliver results.  What can Nupept do?  Increase focus and motivation, increase creativity, improve mood and reduce mental fatigue (as written on CTDs web site).  Fortunately these are actually rather accurate – I would encourage you do your own research first.  There are many places you can buy Noopept, but we highly recommend the Nupept brand by CTD from eXplicit (where we linked above).  You want something more reputable from a reputable retailer considering you (or whomever) is going to be consuming this product.

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