Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Husband

husq snow throwerWith Christmas approaching fast it’s time to think about that perfect gift for your husband.  This year I thought it’d be a good idea to try and find my husband something that can make his life easier for him.  With snowfall already starting heavy this year, I immediately thought a snow blower would be a good option!

Now is where the fun begins because I really don’t know much about snow blowers.  Some quick research pointed me towards husqvarna, as they seem to get some of the best user reviews and balance price and quality well.  Unfortunately though, they make a lot of different snow blowers!

Next up was the number of stages.. which I quickly came to the conclusion that a 2 stage was what we needed.  We get a good amount of snow here in NY and a 2 stage is better equipped to remove it.   Also important to note is that I decided on gas, electric just didn’t seem heavy duty enough.  Ultimately I decided to invest in the husqvarna 961930096.  It seemed powerful enough to handle large amounts of snow yet not overly big and bulky.  It also has electric start, which is important as I’ve read that starting a snow blower when it’s cold can be somewhat difficult.  The user reviews were almost all positive as well, which was important to me considering this isn’t something I know a ton about.

If this is something you feel might be a good fit for your husband, I would highly suggest you do your own research but be sure to take a look at the husqvarna 961930096 as it will likely be good option for you.  Hope this helps and you like me idea!  Feel free to send any questions or comments my way.

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